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Okay, sorry for the classical music last night.

This happened today. This is, like, y’all .. is this better than the original? Can Lorde do a bad song, so we know she’s just a regular 16 year old?

Please, tell me. I’m confused by the darkness. 

- alan


I want to marry you to this song. but only if you like this song. If you don’t like this song, and are like, “WHY MORESONGS PLAYIN CLASSICAL MUSIC, WHAT IS DIS?”

First, that’s rude. I’m just trying to be nice. Secondly,  … wow that comment really hurt my feelings. I’m crying to this song, now. I need a Miyazaki movie to release my feelings into. Ravel + Miyazaki = emotions.

- alan


I can’t keep my hands off this remix.

Jacques Greene is the man

- Phil 



O.k. I can’t say next level. That’s some really privilegedness there. But they are good. Also, this dude has a song “I Never Told You” which is also really nice, and “Rise of the Triad God” ain’t bad, but I gotta admit. I gotta admit, y’all. It kinda makes me laugh to hear this asian kid talking about how much he loves rapping. I’MS ORRY. IT’S JUST KINDA FUNNY. but also good.

Okay. Peep this. 

- alan

Edit: OH, ALSO … IN EVERY PICTURE THIS DUDE TAKES, HIS MOUTH IS ALWAYS IN THIS SEMI OPEN POSTURE. it’s weird. stop it. idk. just something i noticed. 

okay enjoy. 


I might be late on the Yung Lean. Sad Boys, and Metro Zu game, but this dude is actually pretty legit. Also, Swedish Rap. wut?

The track, “Marble Phone” is whatsup. Just remove Kreayshawn from it. Ain’t no one who wants to listen to that chick.

anyways, ya. 

- alan

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